How to Create a Sacred Space

#Secret Pope of La Cosa Nostra

What is a Circle?
A circle is a boundary of energy extending halfway above the ground and halfway below. It marks the boundary between the worlds: inside the circle is a cleansed space where the two worlds can interact. Outside is the mundane, ‘regular’ world. That’s the basics; more on this later.

Do you need a Magick Circle?
No.  It does make things much more powerful though.  In real life sometimes you don’t always have the time to cast a circle, but I recommend you take the extra ten minutes whenever possible.  Should you find yourself without the 10 extra minutes to cast a circle then symply visualise white light around yourself in the form of an upside down ice cream cone.

What purpose does a Magick Circle Serve?

A circle is cast to create a clean space in which to do ritual and magickal workings. It creates an area in which both worlds are present; in a very real sense, it is between the worlds. To invite a Deity, or an Elemental, etc. without a circle (into the mundane world) isn’t always such a great idea. It’s easier to interact inside a circle. It also acts to keep magickal energy inside until it is ready to be released, or to keep negative energy outside.

What do I need to know to cast a circle?
Well, you must have a lot of focus. You must be able to clearly visualize what you are doing, and how you are doing it. You should be able to feel the energy you are attempting to move, and have a clear idea of where you want to put it. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. What is the purpose of your circle? To protect from outside negativity; to contain magickal energy; to create a space between the worlds; another purpose; a mixture? The nature of your circle will depend on the ritual you are planning on doing.

2. How big will your circle be? If you are casting the circle for practice, then all you need is a circle the size of your own body. For a larger group, no big surprise, a larger circle. In my personal opinion, it should be large enough that you don’t keep wandering to the edges and sticking your head through it.

3. How will you visualize your circle? If you are just learning, it might be best to stick with simple colors. Later on, you can learn funky patterns and effects. Practice casting a circle in your mind during meditation. You must learn how to visualize things clearly, hold them in your mind, and focus while you rotate and move them. At the beginning, stick to the basics: there’s no substitute for them.

4. Can you keep your focus for as long as it takes to set up the circle? If you are constantly second-guessing yourself, you can’t maintain your concentration. Trust yourself.

5. Treat it with respect. Constantly walking in, through, and out of the circle without cutting a door, or otherwise ignoring its boundaries doesn’t really help you much. You can’t really expect to cast strong circles if you can’t create and keep it in your mind first. The circle is real because you make it real. You make it real by believing in it and acting on it.

6. Finally, don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it the first time. Or the second. Or the 30th. It takes time; it takes self-trust; it takes PRACTICE.

When do I cast the circle?
I’ve found that the best time is right after you have cleansed the space (by blessing, sweeping, or making lots of noise), and before you invoke any elements or Deities. If you have others with you for the ritual, save up jokes, and try to make each other laugh really hard just before you create the circle. This further gets rid of any negativity that might be present, and provides enough positive energy to cast a good circle. My friend and I have had some fascinating rituals this way.

So, how do I cast a circle, exactly?
Well, there are many ways. If you’re reading this for information, then you’ll probably want a simple one.

First, ground and center yourself. Stand with both feet firmly on the ground, and relax your arms at the sides of your body. Simply feel and visualize the energy of the Earth below you, and the Sky above you.

Face one of the directions, and physically reach down with your arm and gather the energy of the Earth into your hand. Reach up to the Sky and gather the energy of the Sky into your other hand. Now scoot down near the ground and face your palms outward, sending that energy into a smooth wall of color that will spread itself into the shape of a circle. Rise up as you do this, shaping and smoothing the wall at this corner.

Repeat this at the other three directions, constantly smoothing and shaping it with your hands. At each direction, the circle gets stronger and thicker; there are no gaps because the energy of the circle constantly swirls around evenly.

See the energy as a thick, fluid stream of color. It also flows under the ground, to even itself out as a complete sphere. You can shape it underground by visualizing it through the floor. Solidify it by visualizing the energy of the circle as sticking together, like hot glue or warm honey.

When you feel the circle is ‘set’, all you have to do now is keep it in mind, and perhaps make minor re-adjustments if you feel it is necessary. Take as much time as you need, and don’t rush. No one is holding a stopwatch. Don’t be afraid to move around spontaneously; no one is marking you on grace or coolness. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to screw up; that’s an important way to learn.

Using The LBRP and Middle Pillar

(Yeshuan Jews of La-Cosa-Nostra’s  from the #SecretPope Latest Version)

This is a great Kabbalah Procedure that I have used daily for years. Try it with and open mind every day without missing a day for 180 days and I guarantee that you will be amazed by the results it produces in your life and I doubt you will ever stop doing it again. It has the power to heal, protect, and prosper. It also gives to the greater whole of which we are all connected. It powerful you’ll see.

It is also a great ritual to do on a daily basis. It will protect and empower you. After you do it for 90 days without missing a day, you will be amazed at how much better you feel and are doing in all areas of life. It helps to clear away blocks/negative energy from within yourself and it also puts you in touch with your God Self (the perfect self that god created in you aka Adam Kadman).  It will make all of your magical operations more powerful because it helps you to evolve to a greater degree of soul development.


Perform the Kabballistic Cross as follows:

Imagine, at the first word intoned, a brilliant white light descend from above.

Touch the forehead and vibrate AH-TA(thou art)

Imagine that same brilliant white light form a 6 inch diameter sphere just above the crown of your head.

Touch  JUST BELOW THE GROIN AREA and vibrate MAL-KOOT(Kingdom)

Imagine a shaft of light descending from the Crown Sphere and descend to the feet where another 6 inch sphere expands just under your feet.

Touch the right shoulder and vibrate VE-GE-BUR-AH (and Power)

Imagine a 6 inch sphere of brilliant white light appear just next to the right shoulder.

Touch the left shoulder and vibrate VE-GE-DU-LA (and Glory)

Imagine a shaft of light emerge from the right Sphere and cross your breast to expand and form another Sphere at your left shoulder.

Clasp the hands before you and vibrate LE-O-LAM (for ever)

At this point imagine clearly the cross of light as it extends through your body.

Hands as before, with the dagger between fingers, point up, vibrate AMEN

Draw, in the air facing EAST, a banishing Earth Pentagram as shown in the diagram, and bringing your index finger to the center of the Pentagram, vibrate the Name Ey-Hey-Yea

Imagine that your voice carries forward to the LIMITS of the UNIVERSE.

Without moving your index finger in any other direction, trace a semicircle before you as you turn toward the SOUTH. Again trace the Pentagram (Above diagram), bring your index finger to the center of it, and vibrate the Name Ey-hey-yea Ah-Sheel Ey-hey yea.

Again, trace the quarter circle with the dagger to the WEST, trace the Pentagram, bringing your index finger to the center, and vibrate the Name   Yud-Hey-Vahv-Hey.

Then, turn towards the NORTH, while tracing another quarter circle, trace the Pentagram, bring the point of your index finger to the center and vibrate the Name  AH-DO NI Ha AH Rats while thinking of your feet and then point to the center of the pentacle and vibrate AGLA, (pronounced  AH-Do-NI Ha-AH Ratz think of feet and then say AH-GLAH)

Return to the EAST, completing tracing the circle of brilliant white Light, bringing YOUR INDEX FINGER to the center of the EAST Pentagram.

Sit in Center of the room in a comfortable chair in the center of the circle and close your eyes and open your heart. I recommend that you listen to Crystal Voices the Chakra Meditation track.

BEFORE ME (then vibrate) RAPHAEL (pronounced RAF-I-EL) I invoke thee.


Then, say: BEHIND ME (then vibrate) GABRIEL (pronounced GAH-BRI-EL)


Then, say: AT MY RIGHT HAND (then vibrate) MICHAEL (pronounced MI-KI-EL)


Then, say: AT MY LEFT HAND (then vibrate) ARIEL (pronounced UR-I-EL)

Then say, “Yeshua He who comes with the sword that flames I invoke thee and see a man joining you in the middle of the circle or feel that he is there.”

Now, think of your feet and vibrate Ah-Do-NI HA AH Ratz, think of the groin area and Vibrate Shah-DI-EL Shai, think of the belly button area and vibrate YUD-Hud-Hey Vahv-Hey E-LO-Heem, think of heart and Vibrate YUD-Hud-Hey Vahv-Hey E-LO-Heem, think of throat and vibrate YUD-Hud-Hey Vahv-Hey E-LO-A-YEA-Daath, come to third eye and vibrate Ey-Hey-Yeah. come to the top of the head and vibrateEy-hey-yea Ah-Sheel Ey-hey yea ( I am that I am). Then, if time allows, go down the tree from the top of the head to your feet with same Divine Names of course. after this breath energy from your feet on the in breath all the way up the middle pillar and imagine it spraying out the top of your head and flowing back to the feet and do this several times.  

in the air trace a Z with your index finger and then tap it and say “world peace” when you slap it like slapping water imagine lots of little Z’s forming and going throughout the world. Kind of like mercury if you have ever seen it when it hits the ground it breaks into millions of little balls.

Now ask for requests from the Arch Angels what you are in need of or just allow them to bring forth divine will which is always the highest and best outcome to any situation.

Eventually you will learn what each of the angels rules. Raphael is prayed to for love and healing for instance. Don’t worry that you don’t know what they all do for now. You have invoked them all so they know what they handle. 

****You will find that the angels will give you signs they have heard you.  One time I was out of town visiting my grandmother and mother. I went into a drug store to buy something to drink. This dazed look came over the cashiers eyes and she said “Raphael will help you now.”  She did this in the middle of ringing up my order which is unusual.  Raphael was the other cashier. I took it as a sign though. Sure enough the situation that I had prayed to Arch-Angel Raphael for was resolved to the benefit of all.

At the end of the procedure If you asked the angels for help in any area of life then: at the end SAY: I raise the cone of power up and I send it out upon the winds of change with love as you touch your heart and will as you touch your belly button
***If you need instruction on how to Pronounce the Hebrew words or Kabbalah in general contact David Helmsley.

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