Do I Need A Love Altar To Do A Love Spell?

I think it is a very good idea to create a love altar in your home if you are either trying to bring new love into your life or reunite with an ex.  You of course do not “need” one, but I have found it does make things more powerful.  You can also create altars for money, career, health, or any intention you have.

Altars were believed by the ancients to attract the attention of the Angels and other positive spirits that will help manifest your intention.

On a psychological level they make sense too. It is like a subliminal affirmation for what you want every time you see the altar.

In addition, the subconscious mind only understands pictures not words.

What Should I Put On My Love Altar?

I feel this is very personal to you. I can give you some suggestions from what I do though:

1. Vision Board: Tell the story of what you want in pictures. For love magick and love spells you would get a poster board (pink and/or red) tell your story of exactly what you want as done already in pictures.

This practice was used by the Egyptians when a member of the royal family was born. They would tell the story on their walls in pictures of the great things the child was going to accomplish.  Amazingly enough it happened!  In more recent times President Roosevelt mother did something similar to this when he was born. She pictured him as the president of the United States when he was just a baby, of course it worked. It will work for you too!

Mainstream metaphysics calls this practice a vision board, wheel of fortune, or treasure mapping.

2. Marble Altar Top: Your altar is most powerful with a marble top.

3. Gemstones: Place gemstones and crystals associated with love on your altar (rose quartz, garnet, pearl, ruby, green diamond, amber, red quartz, jade, and lodestone are some of the stones associated with love and passion)

4, Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp: These are very powerful to increase the power for magick and any other type of spiritual practice. Use a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp  if you want more of a spiritual intellectual connection.  Red Himalayan Salt Lamps are very good for people seeking more passion and sexual experiences.  You can also place both on your altar.

5. Something to represent the four elements: I use a chalice filled with holy water for water, a feather for air, an old rose-bush stem for fire, and a Himalayan salt lamp for earth.  In most cases you will already have the four elements represented if you are burning incense and have a bowl of holy water on your altar. The candle flame is fire. The incense is air. Holy water is made from salt and water. So the water is water, and the salt represents the earth.

6. The sixth element (spirit):  I have statues of all my favorite Gods and goddesses. I believe that the one G-d manifests itself as the different  faces of all Gods and Goddesses throughout history.  If I am setting up a love altar then I put all the Gods and Goddesses of the world that are associated with love (such as Venus, Laxmi, Eros, etc).  If you don’t have statues you can also picture them via online pictures you can find.

7. Beauty and Inspiration: In India they believe all beauty and the arts are an expression of the Divine. Therefore, I think it is very important to fill your altar with things you find beautiful and incorporate symbolism you feel drawn to and inspired by.

8. Placement Of Your Altar: In Feng Shui the love and relationship corner is any level of your home that is on the far right corner from the entrance way.  So you walk in your front door and where is the far right corner of your home? This is the love and relationship corner and you should place your altar there (if possible). Remember it can be any level of your home.  In addition, you should decorate with the colours red, pink, and whites in that section of your home. You should also make sure that there is no cluter in that area (especially if you are having relationship problems).