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  • Love Spell: How long does it take to get results from love spells?

    How Long Does It Take For A Love Spell To Kick-In? Can a love spell work over night or in hours? It definitely can happen, but it is certainly not a “reasonable expectation.”  I have found that it depends on a variety of factors many of which are in your control.  Realistically, if you have […]

  • Love Spell: Can a love spell help my Lover?

    How Love Spells Can Help Working as a love psychic and relationship coach, I have found that most relationships end, fall into hard times, or don’t even begin not because there is a lack of love, but because of the presence of dysfunctions such as fear. So positive love spells are not focused on controlling […]

  • Love Spell: Commonly asked Questions

    LOVE SPELLS? COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are love spells ethical? Well that depends. If you are using a love spell  to control someone to do something they do not want to do then…NO. If you are using them to help and heal a person that might have blocks to love then that is a different story.  […]