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  • 22 Best Psychics in NYC

    Love Psychic DJ Ownbey These psychics were rigorously tested by and were found to be the best in the business. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in NYC by any of these highly qualified professionals. If you are looking for a legitament no none sense psychic that can give you accurate advice […]

  • Get your Ex back love spells

    Get your Ex back love spells

    Many of us wish we could get our ex back. Sometimes this can easily be accomplished with simple solutions. However, other times getting your ex back might need a little bit of a boost with some magick. I was talking with some of the best psychics in NYC when then introduced me to some of […]

  • Magick Mirror Love Spells

    We use mirrors daily to get prepared and make sure we look desirable. However, there is a long history of using reflection and mirrors in magick. In fact a mirror is one of the oldest tools used to cast spells. The ancient Greeks would use bowls of water to enter a different level of consciousness […]

  • Cord Magick

    So many people probably know about tarot cards however have you heard of cord magick? When I was told about it by a friend I thought it must have been inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman mythical fates; who would create a string symbolizing your life and destiny. However, cord magick or knot magick much […]

  • Love Spell: How can a Gris-Gris Bag empower love spells?

      I first  learned about  Gris-Gris Bags (pronounced gREE-gREE) or Mojo Bags when I used to frequent New Orleans several years ago.  I am confident it is apparent to the reader, that I have much different spiritual beliefs,values, and ethics then most of those into Hoodoo.  I have, however, found Gris-Gris Bags  to be very […]

  • Love Spell: Tapping Into The Power Of Symbolism To Empower Your Love Spells

    psychic readings MAKE YOUR LOVE SPELLS MORE POWERFUL BY PLUGGING INTO THE POWER OF  ARCHETYPE  SYMBOLS Dr Carl Jung (noted psychologist) was one of the first to bring the worlds attention to the power of symbolism and archetypes with his theories of the collective unconscious, synchronicity, and psychological archetypes. Those initiated in Kabbalah Wisdom can […]

  • Love Spell: How long does it take to get results from love spells?

    How Long Does It Take For A Love Spell To Kick-In? Can a love spell work over night or in hours? It definitely can happen, but it is certainly not a “reasonable expectation.”  I have found that it depends on a variety of factors many of which are in your control.  Realistically, if you have […]

  • Love Spell: How manifest your love affair out of your mind and into reality

    Love Spell To Make Your Love Affair Manifest This Love Spell is designed for people who are having a love affair with someone in the “astral plane” lol.  What this means is that you can feel the person you know they like you, but you are not getting any type of physical interaction.  I have […]

  • Love Spell: Angel Magick To Empower Your Love Spell

    MAKE YOUR LOVE SPELL MORE POWERFUL BY INVOKING THE ANGELS TO ASSIST YOU I have been practicing Angel Magick for many years and it is very powerful when you combine it with your earth magick and candle burning magick.  When you invoke the angels to empower your love spell it really speeds things up.  I recommend that […]

  • Love Spell: Rose Quartz Love Spell

    How to Incorporate the Power of Gem Magick Into Your Candle Burning Love Spells This love spell assumes you know how to select, cleanse, and program your crystals (I do plan on writing articles on this subject  later). Use either a very large rose quartz or several small ones.  I also place picos diamond, ruby, […]