Get your Ex back love spells

Many of us wish we could get our ex back. Sometimes this can easily be accomplished with simple solutions. However, other times getting your ex back might need a little bit of a boost with some magick. I was talking with some of the best psychics in NYC when then introduced me to some of these love spells. They told me they have been proven to be very effective.


Back With the Sunrise Spell

Just the right thing to get that missing lover back.

  1. Buy peppercorns and coriander seeds from a store that faces west.
  2. Burn them at sunset.
  3. Turn to the east and let a towel with which you have cleansed yourself after sex flutter in the wind.
  4. Pray and petition that when the sun returns, your beloved will return also. If necessary, repeat at sunrise.


Damiana Potion Spell

  1. Soak damiana in your lover’s favorite wine or other beverage for seven hours.
  2. Sprinkle this outside your doorstep and petition for his or her return.
  3. Repeat for 21 days. If there are no signs of return by the conclusion of this period, the spell’s message is that you should consider other romantic choices.


Love Written in Blood Spell

  1. With a needle, draw a drop of blood from the wedding-ring finger. Use the needle as a pen, the blood as your ink.
  2. Write your initials and those of the other person in your blood on a chip of wood. Ironwood usually works the best.
  3. Draw three concentric circles around the initials
  4. Bury the chip within Earth
  5. Your lover should be back in three days


Rosemary Summoning Spell

  1. Gather rosemary stalks before daybreak on Midsummer’s Day.
  2. Light a fire. Add three rosemary stalks.
  3. Chant three times: I burn rosemary. Bit I am not burning rosemary. What do I burn? Your heart, the heart belonging to (name), child of (name) that’s what I burn. That he may neither be able to stop or stay away until he comes to be with me and stay.

Now go and try it yourself and remember the magick comes from within you.