Magick Mirror Love Spells

We use mirrors daily to get prepared and make sure we look desirable. However, there is a long history of using reflection and mirrors in magick. In fact a mirror is one of the oldest tools used to cast spells. The ancient Greeks would use bowls of water to enter a different level of consciousness in which they claimed to be able to see images of dead loved ones and even gods themselves. Overall through the history of magick the mirror has had a very important role in seeing a glimpse of the past and the hidden secrets of the future.


With mirrors in mind there are a few binding love spells and charms that are performed/made using mirrors. Now binding spells will bind another person to you forever if not longer; there are two types of binding spells. There are those that are mutual binding spells in which a couple cast the spell together to preserve, enhance and protect love. There is also one party binding spells, this is when someone casts a spell on anther person without that person knowing; frequently these types of bindings are last attempts at salvaging a relationship or preventing another from leaving. After talking to one of the best psychics in NYC they helped me find these great love spells.


Magick Mirror Binding Charm

Supplies needed: mirror, gingerbread dough, heart shaped cookie-cutter, and red beads for decorating

  1. Prepare your gingerbread dough, whether it be from scratch or mix, is irrelevant. The cookie will not be eaten but saved as a charm. Ginger bread can generally last for a really long
  2. Roll the dough out and with a cookie cutter, cut the dough into a heart shape.
  3. Push a small mirror into the center of the cookie
  4. Bake in a low, slow oven.
  5. Once it has cooled, decorate with charms and red beads. The decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you would like. The more elaborate ones tend to have shutters over the mirror.
  6. When you are ready, you and your lover should gaze into the mirror together and swear your devotion to each other.
  7. Wrap it in red silk and keep it in a safe place, perhaps bring out whenever your vows need reaffirming.


Magick Mirror Binding Broken

(keep your lover planted safely at home)

Supplies needed: hand mirror in which your lover is the last person who looked into it ( Be cautious to not look inside the mirror)

  1. Smash the mirror into tiny pieces.
  2. Take these pieces and bury them in your yard if you have one; if not, bury it within a
    flowerpot filled with dirt and keep it inside. Plant a love drawing flower to mark the spot.
  3. On Fridays, anoint the ground above the shards with oil of spikenard; the essential oil, or you can make an infusion from the root. Shave a piece of root onto the spot while repeating an invocation including your lover’s name.


Now go and try it yourself and remember the magick comes from within you.