Cord Magick

s1gggj1sSo many people probably know about tarot cards however have you heard of cord magick? When I was told about it by a friend I thought it must have been inspired by the ancient Greek and Roman mythical fates; who would create a string symbolizing your life and destiny. However, cord magick or knot magick much like the life threads of the fates can control lives and life events.

The purpose of cord magick is to store energy for future use. This energy can be stored from a full moon, wind, water and sun. Anyway, it can also be used to manifest desires, bind up an energy, to bind unwanted influences or energy, bind up an illness or to keep emotions in check.

There are many varieties of knot spells that use different numbers of knots however for this spell we will only use nine because it holds much sacred meaning to it. Furthermore you can use numerology to determine the right amount of knots for your purpose.

When creating a spell keep these things in mind:

  • Decide on an intention. Why are you binding this energy? Is it to manifest, bind up enegy, etc.…
  • Next is how long would you like the binding to last; only for a set amount or permanent. Be aware of aware and cautious of potential outcomes.
  • Pay attention closely, if you want to only have it be temporarily. Mark one end of the rope, as the knots are usually untied in the opposite order they are tied in. Can easily be done by marking one end or tying a string to one end.
  • If your desire is for the spell to be permanent neither end should be distinguishable when you are finished. When doing a permanent binding it is best to put the cord where it will not be found so either bury it or burn it.
  • The final option is a permanent binding in which time might be needed to determine if permanent measures are needed. You might do this because circumstances might change altering the spell. With this situation the cord can be tied in a temporarily way and when you decide if you want it to be permanent the end marker can be removed and the cord buried or burned.
  • When doing this spell the color of the cord plays an important role as well for storing energy you should use blue, which is for healing, or yellow, which is for thought or achievement. If the intent is to bind it is best to use white or black which are generally good for that purpose. Color correspondence can differ by tradion however.
  • Side note; color co-ordination is helpful to the spell, however it is your will and intention that are important to making the spell work.
  • Concentrate on the purpose or energy being stored. If it is for storing energy visualize the source, visualizing the sun’s energy flowing into the cord. If harnessing energy from a group, direct the energy right to the cord itself. But for binding think about binding that specific person, habit or situation and them not being able to control you anymore.

Now for the steps itself: You will start by tying a knot at the left side of the cord. Think of the visualization for all the knots that you tie. Follow the order shown in the diagram below for the knots. With each knot an incantation will be said as you are tying the knot.



  1. By the knot of one, the spell’s begun
  2. By the knot of two, it cometh true
  3. By the knot of three, thus shall be
  4. By the knot of four, tis strengthened more
  5. By the knot of five, so may it thrive
  6. By the knot of six, the spell be fix
  7. By the knot of seven, the stars of heaven
  8. By the knot of eight, the hand of fate
  9. By the knot of nine, the thing is mine

If your binding involves a more complicated situation, you may want to add layers f correspondence to each individual knot.  For each knot, focus on the corresponding qualities as listed below which could be any that apply, as these qualities apply to the particular spell you are working. Think of this quality before you tie each knot– in this way, your full intent for each knot can best be realized.  The individual knots correspond as follows:

  • 1 – Unity, wholeness, healing, sun magic
  • 2 – Duality, choice, emotions, moon magic
  • 3 – Creativity, production, action, Mars magic
  • 4 – Foundation,wealth, communication, Mercury magic
  • 5 – Expansion, growth, joyfulness, Jupiter magic
  • 6 – Love, beauty, harmony, Venus magic
  • 7 – Limitation, ending, binding, Saturn magic
  • 8 – Dissolution, endings, beginnings, balance, Pluto magic
  • 9 – Three times Three – the number of the Goddess


Once you have tied all your knots put the cord in a safe place. You will come back to it when you need to release energy. If your intent is binding you will need to keep the cord till you are sure the binding has stuck permanently; but if you were doing binding for a bad habit or something along those lines you should burn or bury the cord as soon as possible.

With some magickal formulas it says that to release the spell you must untie a knot each day over a period of nine days. While others say the cord should be tied into a circle to enact the full spell.

Now go and try it yourself and remember the magick comes from within you.