Love Spell: Tapping Into The Power Of Symbolism To Empower Your Love Spells

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Dr Carl Jung (noted psychologist) was one of the first to bring the worlds attention to the power of symbolism and archetypes with his theories of the collective unconscious, synchronicity, and psychological archetypes. Those initiated in Kabbalah Wisdom can tell he had a great deal of Kabbalistic Knowledge.   His works are a must have for any serious student of Metaphysics or Magick. I am intentionally making this article very simple so it doesn’t overwhelm a new student with to much information. I understand that what probably drew you to love spells is that you have a love problem and you are probably not interested in theories you just want results.  I have found we have to create our own theories based on the results of our own experiments anyways.

Things to keep in mind:

1.The subconscious thinks in symbols (pictures, scents, feelings)
2. You can harness the power of a prayer, mantra, or symbol that has been associated with love by others (Such as the alchemical symbol for Venus or a mantra to the goddess of love Laxmi)
3. There is only one mind. Your mind is the only mind that needs to be changed to produce the result you want. Like Gandhi said, “change the world by changing yourself.”

Its all in your mind! lol Since there is only one mind. You can tap into the power of symbols, deities, affirmations, prayers, scents, and mantras that have been charged over hundreds sometimes thousands of years with the belief and faith of others to empower your love spell.

You can make a talisman to carry with you, you can engrave symbols into your candle, or you can do both. “How to make and use talismans” by Isreal Regardie is a great book by one of my favorite authors that you can read for free on making talismans.  CLICK HERE and go to the very bottom of the page and you will find several symbols you can print out and incorporate in your own love spells.  I have found that it is best to print a symbol out and then color it in yourself, because the process of either writing something out if it is a prayer or coloring it in if it is a picture will impress that symbol on the subconscious mind much stronger.

In the next article I plan to explore the New Orleans practice of making Gris-Gris bags (pronounced gree gree) and the science of how this works.

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