Love Spell: How manifest your love affair out of your mind and into reality

Love Spell To Make Your Love Affair Manifest

This Love Spell is designed for people who are having a love affair with someone in the “astral plane” lol.  What this means is that you can feel the person you know they like you, but you are not getting any type of physical interaction.  I have had more and more clients come to me with love challenges where they can read the persons thoughts, feel what they are feeling, have amazing dreams where they communicate with their lover, but the person never seems to take action in the real world.  I call it the Astral Plane relationship.

I think this is happening more and more due to people not being grounded. Most of us have serious imbalances with the root chakra, due to lack of contact with nature.  We are having less and less physical interaction with people due to Facebook and other online social networks. We are becoming ungrounded and losing our social interaction skills.

This love spell has worked very good for several clients that have had this problem.

Things you will need:

Reddish Pink Candle (7 day candle in the glass)
Come To Me Oil
Vetivert Oil
Patchouli Oil


On the first Friday after the new moon bury the pink candle in the ground.

On the following Thursday Dig the candle up.

Into your Come To Me Oil put three drops of Vetivert and Patchouli Oil.

Light your candle on the second Friday after the new moon allow it to burn for a half an hour.  Then place a cap full of Come To Me Oil mixed with the other two oils.

Get a small amount of sand and place it into and around the candle.

Vetivert and Patchouli Oil are both associated with the element of earth so this is why you place them into the come to me oil, to symbolise they are coming to you on this plane and not just in their mind and thoughts. Adding Vetivert Oil and Patchouli is a good idea for any love spell you have been working on  that doesnt seem to be manifesting into form.

If you are unable to make the oils yourself or need the essential oils or herbs that go into making them I do sell them you can contact me to get more information on obtaining them.