Love Spell: Stop a third party from interfering in your relationship.

Stop Third Parties From Harming Your Relationship With One Lemon

This love spell is designed to get rid of the interference of an EX or someone that has swayed your lovers attention.  It comes from Italy where my mom’s side is from. It will not cause anyone harm, but it will stop them from harming/interfering with you or your relationship.  This spell is also very helpful if you think someone is sending you negative energy, jealousy, or doing black magick against you.

This love spell can also be used if you think someone has done something spiritually to influence your lover (love spell) a psychic reading can detect if this is a problem.  I have found that the symptoms of someone doing negative magick  is that your lover changes all the sudden out of the blue and leaves you for the other person even though there is no logical reason for them doing so. You also feel a weird energy and other negative things happen around you.  Sometimes pestilence such as mice, rats, or other bugs can be a sign of black magick.

Things you will need for this love spell:

Fresh Large Lemon
Piece Of Paper (write the persons name on it that is interfering)
Tin Foil


You do this spell on a Saturday in the waning phase of the moon in the planetary hour of mars.  Write the person’s name on a piece of paper ( if you are lucky enough to get/have a picture, hair, or date of birth of this person use this as well).  Take your lemon and slit/piece it it with a big knife (do not cut the lemon in half). Insert the persons name, hair, picture and /or date of birth into the hole/slit you made in the lemon. Wrap the whole thing up in tin foil and freeze it.


One time I let my lemons defrost when I was coming to my Cleveland house from Florida, this was a mistake, as all the negative people surfaced again.   I recommend that you keep this lemon in the freezer indefinitely.  This same thing has happened to a number of my clients that didn’t realize they should keep the lemon in the freezer.  I also have had several clients that started to doubt whether it was the lemon spell that really helped them, so they through the lemon away and the situation went right back to what it was before they did it.

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  1. If my girlfriend and I broke up will the lemon still do the trick for 3rd party interference? Also if I have more than one person interfering can I put All My Enemies on the paper and stick it in the lemon then freeze it?

    • Yes that is a good start–I would put each person in their own lemon
      I would also use a black candle during the waning phase of the moon with four thieves vinegar oil in it on a Saturday
      Once the candle is almost ready to burn out you put it out in the barbecue grill to burn out completely
      Your house represents your world, so it means that these enemies are out of “your world”

      Richest blessings,
      dj 🙂

  2. which lemon is appropriate to use…?the yellow lemon or the green lemon..?coz last saturday everything is set for me to do the spell except the lemon”i get hesitated about the lemon coz i dont know which lemon to be used.pls help me dis coz i dont want my spell get wrong and didnt work’out just because of the lemon…tnx”’more power to you and god bless you always…

    • Say this is your boyfriend and his name is Joe. You could write on the paper The girl around Joe. The idea is to use as much information as you can, sometimes you are not able to get to much that is ok. As you find out more you can always do the process again 🙂

      Be the light,

      dj 🙂

  3. shalom Say; My lover have been stole from this women.She’s been calling and texting me with threaten me harassed me and want to harm me and bright him to hurt me too. I think she puts spell on him and also on me cause I have no peace lately I am a peaceful person. Can i use this spell for her to not harming me and my family.I don’t know how to spelling her name. If I could use the spell will he see thing better. or Can this spell will bring him back to normal and come back to me or I have to use a different spell.What spell will you suggestions for me. Thank you so much for your help. Blessings you>Peace

  4. I know her name but not sure about the spelling so I did as # 4 above and adding her phone number and wrap it up with aluminum foil then put it in the freezer. Well, she stole him from me so now I’m waiting for him to contact me in the future and I will let you know.. Thank you.
    Blessings you.>Peace

    • Lemons for thousands of years across many different cultures have and are used for purification and to get rid of unwanted energy. I do not feel that it would be sound to use a lemon to get your ex back. There are many spells that use apples though that I am aware of 🙂

      Richest blessings,

      dj 🙂

  5. I tried tthe lemon along with using the Black candle that you mentioned aboved. it seemed to work for a while but it seems to be loosing its power. The lemon is still in the freezer. Is this something taht I have to do repeatedly? Is there another stronger options?

    • I would continue to repeat the procedure until you get the results you are looking for. It is like first you are planting a seed and then each time you repeat you are putting fertilizer on the seed 🙂 If you have been doing this for years then you can just do one thing and do not have to keep repeating, but when you are just starting out you will find that you do have to repeat the procedures until you get the results you want. As you grow stronger in spiritual powers you will notice that this is not necessary.

  6. I am going to try this in Friday. My ex dumped me and is dating someone else. I want her back but I know I need to get rid of the other person first. I know it will work, I feel it.

  7. What if I did freeze my ex ‘s name in a lemon – twice now- to bring him back? ! He came back the first time but then we had a fight and he broke it off again. So I recently put his name inside another lemon to draw him back again thinking it had worked the first time. I’ve taken both lemons out of the freezer to thaw now. Glad I read this. 🙂

  8. i have been looking at this one on and off, thinking i want to try it because this girl is really starting to bug me she is always around him and he just sees to think she is a good friend. but she is being curel to me and to his sister at that. i just got this bad vibe and he is to far away to do anything. i dont know this would work but i got my eye on it when would be a good time to do it then? because i dont want to lose him to her.

    • We are in the waning phase of the moon right now (full moon to the new moon) So the best time would be this coming Saturday
      If this is done in the waxing phase of the moon (new moon to full moon) The best day would be a Tuesday


      DJ 🙂

  9. Hi how are u I hope well even though we dont know each outher.well here goes me and my partner have been togther for almost seven years and we got into a little tiff butare still seeing each othet we have stuck by rach outhers side for better or worse well we got hit with the worst through these tough economic times and things are starting to look up for ud only problem is he moved out to be closer to his job we are only few miles apart and I did a binding spell already he has been working alot and I bealieve him we are trying to get ahead and we both dont have vehicles right now but are trying one can only hope and prey and a little magic I think he is being influenced aeay from me he works for a mom and pop store and I just honestly get this weired vibe everytime I go to c him I dont bealieve he is cheating he has been ti busy any how the wife puts on this sweet old lady christian image wich I dont buy and the husband is a member of the kkk no my partner is not involved in this sick stuff we both know its wrong his personality has changed a little everytime I try to point out these peoples flaws he gets a little defensive and he has developrd a relationship with the wifes husband on a so called friend basis and is friends with the wife I have always had really good senses and I cant explain it but have always picked up these energy vibes how do I get my partner to see these people arenot what they seem to be to the naked eye I dont knowwhat it is but these people just turn my stomach I am reletivly new to this and want these people out ofmy lovers life and him home with me I just know something isnt rigjt with these people please please help me I want to make sure I choose the right spell and need help

  10. I’m doing the spell today. I did it last month but I didn’t have enough lemons. There are 3 people who could influence him. But I’m not sure if I did it right before so I was thinking if redoing those 2. Should I keep the old ones in or throw them away & put the new ones in? I know it’s last min but please let me know :).

  11. Yes always use separate lemons for each person 🙂
    In the waxing phase do it on a Tuesday (We are in the waxing phase now (September 17 2012)
    In waning do it on a Saturday
    Waxing is from the new to full moon
    Waning is from the full to the new moon
    here is handy link

  12. Dear DJ,

    My freeze might filled with lemons only sooner or later 🙂 a quick question, let say if i find a new item like hair or Dob of the girl, do i need to redo with a new lemon again or I unwrapped the original lemon in the freezer and insert the new items found?

    Thank you for the awesome lemon work 🙂

    • Ah yes when you open mine you have to catch all the lemons from falling out lol
      You can use this in other ways to–not just for love issues
      You can use this for anyone that is trying to harm you in any way–it will stop them
      I have always found this to work very well that is why I recommend it 🙂

  13. I am really interested in trying this. I have been with my boyfriend on and off for about 9 years. We have been together without separating for the past 3 years now and living together for the past year. We have a 3 year old daughter and all has been well until about 3 months ago when this girl began texting him constantly. His mother talks with someone in Mexico that is able to tell when people are casting bad spells on others in order to get them to basically leave relationships and win their love. She explained to me that this girls family practices this and that this girl is doing this to him. He also took her to a concert behind my back and I found out from his sister who ran into him there. I am hoping this will work for our relationship. He is completely blinded at the moment by this girl and is trying to turn the tables on me and say she is just a friend and I need to get over it that he is not doing anything but at the same time he cannot admit to what he is doing even when the proof is there. I would like to do this as soon as possible. Please let me know when the next phase is that I should do this. Thanks so much for your help!

  14. Hi, I want to use the lemon spell. There seems to be 2 different waxing moons and waning moons )l(crescent and gibbous). Does it matter which waxing or waning moon I do it on?

    • Yes Ashley you are probably talking about the two full moons in one month that happened recently (blue moon). But it doesn’t matter which waning or waxing phase you use just find one and use it. I hope I answered your question lol