Love Spell: To bring a new lover/lovers into your life.

Very Powerful Love Spell That Attracts New Love  Into Your Life

This is a really good and powerful love spell if you want to manifest new lovers or your soul mate.  I have found that love spells that focus on a particular person sometimes can be very limiting.

Often times we think this person would make us happy, but to many times I have found that it is not so.  When you let God take the lead in your life you will  always be the happiest and most prosperous.  So always  go with divine selection in your love spells and you will be amazed at how much better they work and how someone new can be so much better then the old person.  God created you so he knows what is going to make you happy, better then what you do!

Go online and get images of the look of the person that you want. Make a list of the characteristics that you want in this person (be very specific) .

I recommend that you set up an altar for love  (if you are able) you can place gemstones like rose quarts, moonstone, lodestone, garnet, jade, and pearl, as these are some of the gemstones associated with love.

Place the pictures that you have found and printed out on or around the altar.  You can even make a vision board that you hang above the altar where you make a very creative poster of the pictures and characteristics of the person you want to manifest.

I had a client that made a very dull and grey vision board and she met a very dull and boring accountant.  So, be very conscious in making your vision boards.  I recommend that you make them with reds, pinks and some whites.  I also recommend that you place a red or pink Himalayan Crystal Salt lamp on the altar.  Rub the lamp with Jasmine Oil every Friday.

For added power, I recommend that you place your vision board, love altar, and do love magick  in the far right corner of any level of your house.  The far right corner is determined from when you walk in your main entrance way (front door).  In Feng Shui this is known as the love and relationship corner of your home.

Things you will need for this love spell:

Optional love altar, Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp, gemstones for love
11 pink candles (7 day candles in the glass)
Come to me oil
Burn a mixture of Damania, Cinnamon, and Cat Nip (powdered herbs) on a coal as an incense when you are focusing on it.

Directions: Try to start this as close to the new moon as you can initially.  This spell takes a couple months to do, but I have found you start to see results within a month and it just keeps getting more and more intense. Once you have started your fist pink candle on a Friday in the waxing moon, as close to the new moon as you can get, then every Friday during the waxing phase of the moon you light a new pink candle until all of you candles are gone.