Love Spell: Commonly asked Questions


Are love spells ethical?

Well that depends. If you are using a love spell  to control someone to do something they do not want to do then…NO.

If you are using them to help and heal a person that might have blocks to love then that is a different story.  Being a Love Psychic now for over 20 years I have found the biggest problem in relationships is not that people don’t have love for one another, but that they do!  Their love  scares them to death and they feel vulnerable.  They feel the other person has “power” over them etc.  They often feel they have to protect themselves from hurt and run as fast as they can.

So in most cases love spells are not being used to control, but to invoke divine assistance in healing and giving reassurance to the person involved.  Healing is always Divine Will.

Do I have to be a witch to do love spells?

Do you have to be Catholic to pray? No.  Magick Transcends all religions and dogmas. Its religion is the religion of love and empowerment.

I recommend that you use symbols that represent your higher power. For instance if you are a Christian then you bring that symbolism into your magick. When you do magick surround yourself with symbols of beauty and music that makes your spirit soar. Whatever makes you feel good and empowered is what you want to incorporate.  If you feel uncomfortable with any symbols or practice then don’t use them.

The idea here is to get into a high level of spiritual feeling and vibration so surround yourself with things that do this for you.

I am very open minded to all religions and believe that the one God expresses through all of them.  I am particularly drawn to Eastern Practice, Egyptian Practice, and ancient Hebrew Practice (Kabbalah); so my temple and alter include Statuary from these cultures.  I believe very much in the power of crystals, so my temple includes many geodes and crystals from all over the world.

You want to include on your altar/sacred space/ temple what resonates to your soul and the culture/s that you feel drawn towards.

Are love spells evil?

I do not believe in a devil per se.  Hell and the devil were  inventions of the Zoroastrianism and Christian Church during the middle ages.  They were used to scare people into submission to the church.  If you don’t do what we say or can think for yourself  then you will burn in a hell of eternal damnation.  These false ideas of hell and damnation have done much harm to our civilization psychologically and have created a race of fear based people that are filled with guilt.

On the other hand Jesus’ (Jeshua’s (‏יֵשׁ֡וּע‎) his real name) message was very different.  Ask and it is given, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the kingdom is within, love your neighbor as you love yourself, and Ye are Gods.  Jeshua’s (sometimes spelled Yeshua) message was the ultimate message of love, self empowerment, and good will toward others.  In one of his parables he even said if your child asks you for a loaf of bread would you give him a snake (Luke 11:11)? He was obviously describing a God of love and kindness. certainly not a God of judgments.

How a god of all love could throw his children into eternal damnation just doesn’t make sense with Jeshua’s  message of love and forgiveness.  I intend on writing more articles on how the very pure message of Jeshua including his very name have been distorted by the ego/power driven of the early church.

The real devil is (potentially) within us as the ego mind when we look upon the world without love and with fear, ignorance, control, the need to impress our ideas of how things should be onto others.

As long as your intention is pure and that of helping, healing, putting things back into the divine plan, then love spells are definitely not evil.

How do love spells fit in with the law of attraction, creative visualization, affirmations, and metaphysics?

Actually creative visualization, the power of the spoken word (affirmations), and the law of attraction have their roots in magick.  Due to the main stream religious conditioning of most people the early meta-physicians  had to water down their ideas so they would be accepted by common people.  Unfortunately, much of the power is also lost without the candles, the oils, crystals, and herbs.  Colors have vibrational frequency, herbs and oils come from plants that have electromagnetic fields (auras).   The herbs, oils, crystals and candles have power in them that you can tap into until you are able to develop and make contact with the all power in yourself, they are the magicians props so to speak.

Do love spells backfire?

Backfiring love spells is more of an urban legend by the religiously conditioned then a reality. If your intention is pure and you are coming from a place of love you have nothing to fear.  Does prayer backfire?

Is there a right and wrong way to do magick?

Magick is like cooking.  At first you learn the techniques of cooking, then of course the very best cooks learn to cook from their soul.

It is the same with magic at first you learn what colors are used, what the power of the oils and herbs are, what crystals might be used and then you start to get an inner sense of what to do. You don’t need to look in your books, your soul leads and guides you in the perfect thing to do. You function from the soul level the real gift that magick gives you  beyond any mundane desire you can ever manifest.