Love Spell: Want To Get Your Ex Back?

Want to get your EX back? Then this is the love spell for you!

When you want to get your EX back, I would first recommend that you get a psychic reading by a trained love psychic to make sure that this is the highest divine will for you.  If your EX is the person for you, then it is OK to want to get your EX back.  It is OK to do love magic to help speed things up that are already going to happen.  I recommend that you steer away from doing love magic if this is trying to force or control someone.

If you are not sure then always ask for your EX or someone better…  I have found that if the love magic brings a new person you will not “desire” to get your ex back anymore, the desire will just leave.

You will need:

2 pink 7 day novena candles in the glass
Come To Me Oil
Flame Of Desire Oil
Picture Of Your Ex

The best time to do love magic is on a Friday in the waxing phase of the moon (see understanding moon phases on this site to know what this is and when it is).  I have found the closer to the new moon the better.

One candle is going to represent you the other will represent the ex you want to get back or “someone better”

In your candle you put Come To Me Oil (tape a picture of yourself on the glass candle)–in addition put some of your hair in the candle.

In the candle for your EX you will want to tape  a picture of him or her on it (if you have one), in addition or alternatively something he/she wore, hair, date of birth, or anything you can get or have that links to them.   In their candle you will put the flame of desire oil (to represent that it is their desire to come to you).

Place the candles on far sides (opposite of each other)  of a fireplace mantle or a dresser. Light the candles, let them burn for a half hour then place a cap full of the above oils in them (every day the candles burn you will put an additional cap full of oil in them).

Every day you move your ex’s candle closer and closer to your candle.  Your candle stays stationary, this is to represent that your EX will come to you and you don’t have to take any action.  I recommend repeating this candle ritual every waxing phase of the moon until you hear from your EX.  LET YOUR EX COME TO YOU–TAKE NO ACTION TO CONTACT OR ANYTHING!

Should you need help in obtaining “real” oils or you feel you need professional help please feel free to contact me

7 responses to “Love Spell: Want To Get Your Ex Back?”

  1. hi..,since our calendar here in the house only shows the full moon,newmoon,first quarter,and the last quarter..i have a question,how can i determined the waxing and the waning phase of the moon since our calendar only has four phases???im hoping you can tell me and help me these…thank u so much and more power,i really appreciate ur blog…

  2. Hello!

    I have a question regarding this ritual. Is the oil put in the candles only after they have burned for a half hour? Or do you put the oil in the candles in the beginning of the ritual as well? I’m sorry for the confusion, I just want to make sure it’s done right! Also, if you have an article of clothing from the ex, do you tape a piece of it to the candle, or put it in the candle to burn? Thank you again!

    • You let the candle burn for half an hour so it becomes very waxy and then you put the oil in—if you put the oil in before the candle is melted enough it will interfere with the candle burning.
      Every day the candle burns you add more oil