Recipes For Potions:How To Make Magical Oils

Unfortunately most oils on the market today are synthetic-NOT REAL! Meaning they do not come from the plant.  You always want to use oils that are called “essential oils” meaning they do come from the plant.  You can tell the impostors by the very cheap price. DO NOT USE FAKE OILS AS THEY HAVE NO POWER!

I am including here some recipes for popular magical oils.  If you contact me I also do make and sell the oils myself.  I would be happy to help you find them.

Use several  ounces of a carrier oil such as olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil,  apricot kernel or castor oil (very thick) to three cap fulls of “real” essential oil.  If you are using a powdered herb you will want to put half your mason jar full of the powdered herbs you are using to half a jar of  carrier oil–it takes 30 days for the essential oils to transfer from the herb to the carrier oil. 

Put the bottle in a sunny place and shake it everyday. You can drain the herbs out or just leave them in there.  I do not believe in coloring my oils. THIS APPLIES TO ALL THE RECIPES FOR MAGICAL OILS LISTED BELOW

You can powder any herb by going to a store (Bed, Bath, and Beyond is where I got mine) and buying a coffee bean grinder that can be used for herbs too. 

Just like there is more then one way to make tomato sauce. there are many ways to make each of the oils. I have inherited some of my recipes from my great grandma, but most of them I have found through trial and error.  These are the ones that have produced the best results for me and my clients. 


Grated Lemon Peal (herb)
Lovage (herb)
Vervain (herb)
Petigrain (essential oil)
Rose Absolute Otto (essential oil)

Magical Uses: This oil is added to the bath water on Friday to attract your soul mate or new love.  You can also use it in a red candle on a Friday during the waxing phase of the moon to bring new love or attract a particular person you desire.  If you are trying to attract a particular person, I recommend you always say this or someone better.  Many times the universe has someone so much better then we could have ever imagined!


Jasmine Absolute (essential oil)
Rose Absolute Otto (essential oil)
Neroli Oil or Petigrain (essential oil)
Gardenia Absolute (essential oil)
Tuber Rose (essential oil)
Rose Quartz (gemstone)
9 Lodestones (gemstone)

Magical Uses: WOW this one is very powerful use with care. 🙂  You can wear it you can add to your bath water and candles to draw a particular person to you.  This oil is very good when you have a lover already but there is a communication challenge or a break up.  It will bring him or her begging and many more others too!


Calamus Root (powdered herb)
Licorice Root  (powdered herb)
Bergamot (essential oil) keep in mind that Bergamot Oil can be a skin color irritant–if you want to wear this oil don’t use to much Bergamot!
Amethyst (gemstone)

Magical Uses: This is the same as compelling oil. It is used to develop strength and power so others can not dominate or control you.  It is also used to get people to bend to your will.  It gives you a life free of butting heads with others. You can wear this, you can use in candles, or you can put in your bathwater every Tuesday.


Cypress (essential oil)
Frankincense (herb/resin)
Myrhh (essential oil)
Pentigrain (essential oil)
3 Lodestone (gemstone)
Rose Quartz (gemstone)

***For love oils I always use apricot kernel as the carrier oil as it is good for love.

Magical Uses: If a lover strays dress 7 red candles with this oil. Dash a little ground cinnamon on the candles as well. Start on a Friday in the waxing phase of the moon.  Light one candle every night for seven nights. When they return your love will reach new levels of passion and intimacy.  You can also diffuse this oil in your bedroom to create amazing passion and love making.


St Johns Wart (herb powdered)
Tuberose (essential oil)
Patchouli(essential oil)
Lavender (essential oil)
Wintergreen (essential oil)
Yarrow (powdered herb)

Magical Uses: This oil is specifically designed for people that have fear letting people close to them in love.  This should be put in a blue candle on a Monday (for emotional fears) and or a Wednesday (mental fears and blocks). This is done every Monday and Wednesday of the waxing phase of the moon.  You will shorty notice that your lover opens up more to you.  If he or she is disappearing you will notice that this disappearing will gradually stop.  As you persist with the candles you will see that all your lover’s fear gradually diminishes until it is completely gone.


Patchouli (essential oil)
Rose Absolute Otto (essential oil)
Cinnamon (herb)
Vanilla Beans (herb)

Magical Uses: Wear this oil to turn your luck around. Use in candles for the same purpose. Also wear when playing games of chance such as bingo.  I have known so many (myself included) that have hit big jackpots with this oil.


Calmus (essential oil)
Catnip (powdered herb)
Damania (powdered herb)
Licorice (powdered herb)
Amethyst (gemstone)
Orris Root (powdered herb)

Magical Uses: This oil is used to make a man (men) irresistibly attracted to you.  This is used by both men and women.  If it is used by a male to attract a male I recommend you put some saffron in it as well–for added power.


Lavender (essential oil)
Jasmine (dried flowers/herb)
Rose Absolute Ottto (essential oil)
3 Lodestones (gemstone)
3 Rose Quartz (gemstone)

Magical Uses: I like this oil to draw new love into your life. On a Friday when the moon is waxing light a pink candle with a detailed list that includes pictures of what you want your new love to look like. You want to list every characteristic that you want in detail. I have found the ones toward the top of the list are the ones that you are more likely to get, so put the important traits toward the top of the list!  Do this every Friday of the waxing phase of the moon until you manifest the person you are happy with.

Bayberry Root (herb powdered)
Bayberry Oil (usually only available as a synthetic added for scent)
Pyrite Chips (gemstone)
Citrine (gemstone)
3 Lodestones (gemstone)

Magical Uses: This oil is very powerful to bring money to you.  Anoint a green candle with it on both a Thursday and a Friday of the waxing phase of the moon. Place a picture of yourself under the candle or nearby. Within about two weeks you will see opportunities opening up for you to make money.  With continued use you will see that you are able to accumulate large sums of money and will never know lack again.

Lemongrass (essential oil)
Lemon (essential oil)
Citronella (essential oil)
Five Fingers Grass (powdered herb)
Mint (powdered herb)
Dead Sea Salt (sea salt from the Dead Sea)
Camphor (essential oil)
Tirger’s Eye (gemstone)

Magical Uses: In love spells it is used to break down someones walls and resistance.  It is a very powerful oil for cleansing and breaking through.  If you have a lover that is very walled and will not communicate you can put this oil in an orange candle on Sunday during the waxing phase of the moon.  In the wanning phase of the moon you can place this oil in a black candle on a tuesday.  I use it when you have a person that either has prejudged you or when you have a person that has much fear and simply will not open up. I like this oil to use for personal use as well.  If you are feeling like everything you do is being blocked you can use this oil in an orange candle on a Sunday to open the way for new opportunites, people,  and income. It is like Road Opener Oil puts you back into the flow of good things again.

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    • if you allow the gemstone to sit in the oil and you keep the bottle outside or in a window seal where it can get sun and moon light the properties of the gemstone will transfer to the oil. You may be familiar that people into crystals will use this same process with spring water and then drink the water to get the properties of the oil. “Love is in the Earth” by Melody is the crystal and gemstone bible and it describes this process…

      Richest blessings,

      dj 🙂

  1. Hi thanx for these recipes 🙂 very useful:) I was wondering if you could perhaps share the recipe for making Flame of Desire oil as I didn’t quite see it on your list of recipes but I noticed it being used in one the free love spells you gave out.

    Also had another question which is sort of unrelated to the potions recipes and just wondered if you could perhaps guide me?

    If a love spell says you are to burry the remains of your spell on a full moon, at exactly what time on this night should it be burried? Does it matter what exact time you burry whatever it is that needs burrying? Does it have to be burried at midnight or can it be anytime during the early evening of that particular night? Just need some clarification as wouldn’t want to get it wrong.

    Thank you & Blessed Be

    • I do plan to update the list of oils and one will be with Flame of Desire 🙂
      If it says you are to bury something then I would look online and type into Google “what time does the full moon come in on August 29, 2012” for instance–it was 9:30EST I believe in that particular instance.
      I would start the digging right at that time…if it were me