Love Spell Using Tarot and Divine Name

Love Spell That Uses The Tarot and Kabbalah Symbol

This spell is producing great results for many of my clients.  It harnesses the power of the tarot and one of the 72 Divine Names.  It can be used to heal a current love situation or bring new love.

I recommend that you always add in your mind that you will bring to you this person or someone better.  You never want to be barking up the wrong tree or use spiritual power to influence another against their will.

You will need:

1.       Picture of the Lovers Card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.  (print it out in black and white and color it in yourself)

2.       Symbol for soul mates from the Kabbalah 72 Divine Names of the Kabbalah. (See above and below.)

3.       Pink 7 day candle in the glass (unscented).

4.       One Red Rose, buy this a week ahead of time and take the pedals off and allow them to dry out on a glass baking dish.

5.       Picture of the person you want divine assistance with (this can be used to heal a relationship).  If you do not have a particular person then you can go online and find a person that has the look you want, on the back write the characteristics that you want in a person.

This spell should be done during the waxing phase of the moon.  This is from the new moon to the full moon and it is when the moon is increasing in size.

It should be done on a Friday.  Friday is ruled by Venus and this is the one of the best days to do love spells.


1.       Cast the circle (directions are on my love spell blog).

2.       Play music that touches your heart and brings that feeling of love to you.

3.       Hold your intent strongly in mind while you color in the Lovers Card and also color in the Hebrew symbol for love (keep these even after the spell—place them in a place where you will see them often).  The practice of coloring these symbols in actually activates them in your subconscious mind.

4.       Light the candle and allow it to burn for 20 min.

5.       Crumble the dried rose pedals into the candle.

6.       Say Laxmi chant 108 times.  You can get this on

7.       Repeat these steps every day the candle burns.  If you have to extinguish the candle—Snuff it out—instead of blowing.

I recommend that you do this every waxing phase of the moon until you see the results that you want.

If you have performed it properly, you will start to see signs that it is working.  You will get these signs even before you see any results on the physical plane, to let you know you have been heard and it is working.


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