Love Spell: Bring emotional healing/mental harmony to your lover

Do you have a lover that comes forward and then retreats?  This spell will bring emotional healing to him or her.  It will make them comfortable to come forward.

Things you will need:

Blue candle
Lavender Oil
St Johns Wart Herb

On a Monday, (ruled by the moon and is good for emotions)  and/or a Wednesday (ruled by mercury and good for the mind) get a blue candle. Light the candle allow it to burn for half hour, then add the lavender oil and the St Johns Wart Herb.  THIS IS DONE DURING THE WAXING PHASE. You want to increase the emotional healing and inner peace.  I recently had a lady write to me that was doing it during the waning phase and she couldn’t understand why her lover seemed like he was losing his mind.  lol

Everyday that the candle burns add a three drops of the lavender oil.

Daily sit with the candle, visualize your lover feeling very safe and feeling comfortable coming forward.  See it clearly in your mind as done “now” and give thanks!

Give a donation to your church, temple, or charity in “advance” in giving thanks for the good that you want to receive.  As we can never get something for nothing!

Just as the farmer has to give the seed to the ground in order to get a crop.  It is the same in spiritual–we have to give first.

This applies to all magic really…

Repeat this process until you get the desired results.

I have found it most successful to do it on a Monday the first week of the waxing moon and then do it on a Wednesday of the second week of the waxing moon.

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