Is a Love Spell working?

Is a Love Spell Working?

It can be hard to depict the signs of a love spell at work because everyones situation is different. What happens to one person will not happen to another. A very common sign is the feeling of happiness but besides that there are many other signs to tell if a love spell is working.

Many clients report that they see the persons name or date of birth all over the place, provided they are trying to reunite with a particular person.  Clients that are looking for someone new will see the type of person they want all over the place. At first the person doesn’t come up to them or anything they just see that type of person, but as the love spell grows of course then they find themselves interacting with the type of people that they have done the spell for.  It is not like they are looking for these signs they just come.

I have also found just before it works out the signs get stronger and more frequent.

Do Candles Give you Signs When You Are Doing The Love Spell?

Yes, here are a few:

-If the flame burns high in the candle this is good.
-If the keeping the flame continues to go out or is low this means you are running into opposition and will need to do a lot more work.
-One of the best things that can happen is if the glass cracks or breaks. With most cases of love if this happens the intention will manifest quickly after.
-White smoke on the glass is a good sign. This can mean your request was answered.
-Black smoke on the glass means that the work is burning off resistance and negativity to your intention (this can be good or bad depending on the intention of the love spell)
-Pictures on the glass can be interpreted much like tea leaf reading
-If the flame is high and steady and the candle burns quick then normal this is a good sign that your intention is going to manifest quickly
-If you are using a candle to represent someone and the flame keep flickering and going all over the place, it means they are going back and forth about you.

Can Negative Things Happen To Discourage You From Your Intention When Doing a Love Spell? 

Yes;it is know as chemicalization in metaphysics.  When you first start doing your love spells, affirmations, and keeping your mind focused on what you want, at first, it seems like everything is going opposite of what you are trying to manifest.  Sometimes it is not outer things going wrong, but just you start getting all these awful feelings, doubt, and fear.

Dont give up it is working!  When you go from a dark room into the light you are temporarily blinded even though you are in the light.  What is happening is all the resistance in you and the situation is coming up from the subconscious mind, dont try to fight it just say, “no I do not accept this as true for me.”  Let it fly away like a bird, and go back to focusing upon what you want.

In magick and life a winner is a loser that doesnt give up!