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Love Spell: How long does it take to get results from love spells?

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How Long Does It Take For A Love Spell To Kick-In?

By Love Psychic DJ Ownbey

Can a love spell work over night or in hours?

It definitely can happen, but it is certainly not a “reasonable expectation.”  I have found that it depends on a variety of factors many of which are in your control.  Realistically, if you have a very stubborn case it can take several months or even longer to get things completely together.  Also, if you are looking to hire someone to help you spiritually and they tell you “immediate results” or “results in hours” this is a big red flag!

What ways can you recommend to help one raise their energy so the love spell will work quicker?

Daily meditation, reading positive books, doing yoga, doing affirmations, sea salt baths, and trying not to think to much about the problem but more focused on what you want to manifest (the solution).  Sometimes, it is very hard to be positive when you are going through a major love challenge about the situation specifically. It is best to just not think to much about the person at all, when it comes to mind imagine that you are giving it to the higher power and know that the higher power is now empowering your love spell to manifest the perfect results in your situations. I recommend that you work more on being positive in general.  Be very conscious of the type of thoughts and feelings you are entertaining and keep putting you attention back on the positive.

Should I do more then one love spell?

Yes. I have found the first love spell you do is like planting a seed. Every additional love spell you do will only help to fertilize that seed and make things go quicker.

When you are fist starting out with love magick you do not have the same power as someone that has been doing it for years. It is just like one does not become an expert pianist overnight. To fill this gap, you just focus more.

Does every love spell work the same for every client?

No. I used to be into body building and I could duplicate someone else s work out routine exactly and not get the same results.  Everyone’s body is different and it is the same with magick.

This is another reason that I recommend that you keep doing love spells until you get the results that you want. I have found some love spells are extremely powerful for some situations and not at all for others. The more love spells you do you are bound to stumble upon the perfect one that produces the results that you want quickly.

Do you get signs that the love spell is working even before you see any results?

Yes. God and the Angels always give you signs that you are going in the right direction and not wasting your time.  You will get dreams, things you associate with the person will pop up everywhere, the candles also will give you signs (see my other post about this topic).

**** I am getting hundreds of emails from people who cannot find real oils and/or candles.  They also need help designing the perfect love spell for them.  We are now carrying the oils and the candles for your convenience. If you need help please contact me by email.

Richest Blessings,

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