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Love Spell: Stop a third party from interfering in your relationship.

Stop Third Parties From Harming Your Relationship With One Lemon

By Love Psychic DJ Ownbey

This love spell is designed to get rid of the interference of an EX or someone that has swayed your lovers attention.  It comes from Italy where my mom’s side is from. It will not cause anyone harm, but it will stop them from harming/interfering with you or your relationship.  This spell is also very helpful if you think someone is sending you negative energy, jealousy, or doing black magick against you.

This love spell can also be used if you think someone has done something spiritually to influence your lover (love spell) a psychic reading can detect if this is a problem.  I have found that the symptoms of someone doing negative magick  is that your lover changes all the sudden out of the blue and leaves you for the other person even though there is no logical reason for them doing so. You also feel a weird energy and other negative things happen around you.  Sometimes pestilence such as mice, rats, or other bugs can be a sign of black magick.

Things you will need for this love spell:

Fresh Large Lemon
Piece Of Paper (write the persons name on it that is interfering)
Tin Foil


You do this spell on a Saturday in the waning phase of the moon in the planetary hour of mars.  Write the person’s name on a piece of paper ( if you are lucky enough to get/have a picture, hair, or date of birth of this person use this as well).  Take your lemon and slit/piece it it with a big knife (do not cut the lemon in half). Insert the persons name, hair, picture and /or date of birth into the hole/slit you made in the lemon. Wrap the whole thing up in tin foil and freeze it.


One time I let my lemons defrost when I was coming to my Cleveland house from Florida, this was a mistake, as all the negative people surfaced again.   I recommend that you keep this lemon in the freezer indefinitely.  This same thing has happened to a number of my clients that didn’t realize they should keep the lemon in the freezer.  I also have had several clients that started to doubt whether it was the lemon spell that really helped them, so they through the lemon away and the situation went right back to what it was before they did it.

Richest blessings,

dj :-)